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All Stars: Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder ∞ Dick Grayson/Robin

Player Info
Name: Sophie
LJ/IJ/other: [info]remielle
Contact Info: AIM: haissablex12; sophie.black@gmail.com

Character Info
Fandom: Millerverse, DC Comics. He's taken from after issue #9 of All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder, and his canon also include The Dark Knight Returns and The Dark Knight Strikes Again. Also, before All-Star there was Batman: Year One but for continuity issues, I'll say it's not in Dick's canon (it is apparently supposed to be both in normal continuity and in Millerverse, but I'll just leave it to normal continuity). There is also two other titles in Millerverse that no one shall speak of. Ever.
Version: Original version... of Millerverse! Which is an Elseworld, if that wasn't clear yet :/
Name: Dick Grayson/Robin
Age: 12. He is 12. Twelve. He is twelve years old. It's Dick Grayson, age twelve.
City of Residence: Gotham

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AS Dick Grayson 2/3
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Background: Dick Grayson, age twelve, was in the acrobatic group "The Flying Grayson" with his parents. Bruce Wayne found him incredible and once said "I've had my eye on him for awhile, he's something all right." which was not supposed to sound like he was a creepy boy watcher at all.

One night, as Bruce Wayne was... watching him... his parents were killed in front of him and he went into total shock. That goddamn moment of their goddamn death was very brutal and they were killed brutally.

The cops took Dick Grayson (twelve years old) away and didn't bring him to the hospital, instead being goddamn corrupted and dragging him in the middle of nowhere to beat the crap out of him so he couldn't testify against his parents' killer.

At that exact moment, Batman showed up and kidnapped him.

They then drove towards the Batcave for about four weeks (until Dick's face was on milk cartons as being a missing child, anyway) rolling over police cars, transforming the batmobile into a plane and a submarine. Dick was drugged during the entire car trip because Batman thought it better to drug the twelve year old for obscure reasons. During these four weeks, Batman discovered that Dick wasn't afraid of him (although being drugged might have been the reason he wasn't afraid) and told him to shut up very convincingly when Dick Grayson, age twelve, told him "batmobile" was a totally queer name.
Batman then left Dick in the Batcave and eventually went batshit crazy over Alfred when the butler gave something to eat to Dick. He had wanted Dick to eat rats. Dick was alone for long enough to discover the Batman's weapon cache (that was in the middle of everything and kind of hard not to stumble upon), take an ax as big as he was and kill a rat because the squeaking was driving him mad. He then wondered if he was going crazy because of everything that had happened.

Batman chose this moment to drop by with Dick's parents' killer and told him to kill him and become an avenger or not kill him and become a detective. Of course, he became a detective and his first act of detection was beating the killer until he told him who had hired him - THE JOKER!

Dick (twelve years old) was suddenly very willing to work for the guy who had kidnapped him and asked tons of information to Batman about the Joker, still not scared and still being a snot. However, he couldn't go with Batman to find him because he needed a costume, because, you know, no one would think Dick Grayson was the new kid with Batman after the kidnapping being on every newspaper's first page. Dick commented on the fact a costume and a mask was very queer but complied and had Alfred make him his costume. Of course, he asked Alfred to make him green scaly panties. Also, he wanted to be Hood and wear a hood, but Batman criticized the hood and told him he was now Robin.

Without exactly knowing why, Dick had to go along with the fact Batman wanted to meet Green Lantern. He had to paint everything in the meeting place yellow, then paint Batman yellow, then himself. Batman comments on his work by thinking to himself "Fast hands, my little Robin. Fast hands, big mouth..." which, once again, was probably not supposed to sound the way it did. Dick and Batman then mocked Green Lantern, stole his ring and Dick fought against him, nearly killing him by breaking his windpipe in a very efficient attack. Batman proceeded to beat Dick and showing Green Lantern about the abusive relationship they had, and then managed to save him. As they were leaving the place, Dick thought to himself "I almost killed a man tonight. A man who never did me any harm. And I enjoyed every second of it. More than I've ever enjoyed anything. I wanted to kill him."

And thus Dick became a twelve-year-old kid with a killing fetish.

Batman thought it was maybe due to the fact he hadn't digested his parents' death and brought him to their grave. With that, Dick became very close to Batman and they hugged.

In the following weeks, they continued ignoring the Joker together while patrolling very brutally until he managed to switch universes very randomly.

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AS Dick Grayson 3/3
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Personality: Dick Grayson in Millerverse is not Dick Grayson in New Earth. That is the first thing everyone has to understand. Don't expect him to be any polite, or having decent social skills. His behaviour is, in fact, closer to Jason's than to any other Bat.

He is a little snot who will try and do things his way when he can, and won't listen to an order if he doesn't think it's justified. He doesn't like people being weak and will hide his own emotions to not seem weak to others. He is also very stubborn.

The only person he'd had human contact with in the last two month is Batman - although, sometimes, he'd see Alfred, too. Batman is not treating him well and will keep on abusing him mentally and physically until, in his future, he will be driven half-insane and be be unhealthily obsessed with Batman but that's another story entirely. He doesn't trust people easily at all and is a fine example of someone with a Stockholm Syndrome.

He is confident about his own abilities and that confident has been increased by the fact Batman nearly never trained him but still took him along on patrols as Robins - pushing the 'Dick is a natural' very far.

He is very quick to judge people and discriminates on various aspects (see him use the word 'queer' too often). He's basically a lot more closed-minded than you would expect, but he's twelve, the others will have to work on it. He can grow.

Powers: None
Weaknesses: None

Journal Sample: [Voice]

I don't have the experience for portals and the likes. Really, really not. How do I even know what it did? Is this some sort of time-space travel thing? At least it all looks like Gotham, still, so there's that. It's just not the same and the day instead of the night and Batman's not there.

Just - urgh. What the Hell. I didn't sign up for this so early on.

And having to go through a police HQ was... yeah, I'll try to avoid doing that again.

RP Sample: Dick Grayson, age twelve, was sulking in the Batcave, clenching his jaw and his fists.

He had been Batman's sidekick for a month now, living in the Batcave and putting off with his mood swings and he still couldn't get him to trust him. Not even a little. He was constantly on his back, watching him and correcting him. Nothing was ever good enough for the goddamn Batman.

He didn't even know who he was yet - all he knew was the Cave and Alfred, he was never allowed to see anything else than that.

Batman was going to have to cope with the fact he had hired a curious snot. Dick had found another entry to the Batcave and in the last two weeks, had understood how to get through it.

Sure that Batman was on patrol, he spent about five minutes opening a hidden door and, excited, went up the stairs to the other side of the secret passageway, and he stood, amazed, in the middle of a mansion.

"Cool." he commented, smirking, beginning to look around, trying to understand where he was exactly. He was walking towards the exit to get an adress and a general view of the place when someone hit him behind the head and knocked him off to the other side of the room.

He discenrned Batman's figure before he hit him again numerous time.


"It's because you're a nosy snot that you were kept in the Batcave." he said dangerously as he was grabbing him and dragging him along.

"I just-"

"Stay. In. There."

Batman threw him down the stairs Dick had used only minutes earlier and left him alone.
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