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Doctor Who ∞ Jack Harkness

Player Info
Name: Del
LJ/IJ/other: http://sengo-sengo.blogspot.com
Contact Info: AIM = rockartistkitty, Skype = alittledelirious
Character Info
Fandom: Doctor Who
Version: the new series, season 1
Name: Jack Harkness (but that’s “Captain Jack” to you, sugarfoot)
Age: lord who knows – 29-ish? Linear time is for morons.
City of Residence: Gotham City

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Jack Harkness [2/3]
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Background: Jack grew up sometime around the year 5,000. He had a family, a different name, a normal childhood. Then his home was attacked by an alien race. His father was killed, and he lost track of his brother whilst fleeing the carnage. Though he searched everywhere, he never found him again. Eventually he joined the military and persuaded a friend to do the same; possibly their unnamed foe was the same that devastated their homeland, possibly just another hostile race. Either way, the enemy captured his friend and tortured him mercilessly as a lesson for Jack, and he has always borne the guilt for this event, though he never speaks of those days. Especially not to his newfound traveling buddies.

Jack has just been picked up by one Time Lord, the Doctor, and one 21st-century human woman, Rose Tyler, after accidentally releasing a nanogene-borne plague on London in 1941. Not the best first impression he could have made, but then, he did kinda save everyone’s butts back there by taking a German bomb away in his spaceship before it, y’know, exploded all up in their faces. As to what exactly he was doing during the Blitz of London in the first place, the answer is scamming.

After giving his heretofore best years to the Time Agency, he had discovered that they’d literally taken 2 years of his life, his memories, away. Completely wiped. Jack was exceptionally miffed about this, and so deserted. His extensive experience of history during his days as a Time Agent, coupled with an innate talent for gaining the confidence, and often the hearts, of others, provided him with resources enough to become a time-traveling con artist. On this particular run, he had towed what he assumed to be a defunct Chula Ambulance to the site of an imminent bombing, and planned to sell it to an unwitting passer-by. The whole thing went off exactly NOT as-planned, and he afterwards found himself down one ship, plus one TARDIS, in the company of a lovely young woman to whom he naturally took an instant liking, and constantly hounded by a broody, peevish man with no end of distaste for Jack’s unscrupulous conduct.

Until, that is, the Doctor left Jack and Rose marooned on Raxicoricophallipatorius. Not that he minded finally having some personal time with her.

Personality: The way the man conducts himself, you would never suspect him of harboring a less-than-sunny past. No, Jack is like a layer-cake, in that A) he has layers, and 2) he suckers you in with sweetness and heads straight for your ass.

The humans of Jack’s time hold markedly different attitudes towards sexual conduct. A product of his upbringing, Jack flirts shamelessly with anyone and anything he meets, regardless of gender or species. He finds this both barrels of fun and oftentimes advantageous – better to gain lovers than enemies, no? With god knows how many centuries of liaisons under his belt, he is well aware of his charms and uses them to his fullest benefit. A lot of his stories begin with “There was this one time…” and end with “…in bed.”

Nevertheless, there are occasions that call for fisticuffs rather than sweet nothings (although there’s nothing says the two can’t be combined to excellent effect). And Jack is as much a fighter as he is a lover. He will do whatever he must to save his skin, which can put him at odds with pretty fools of idealists who unfortunately misinterpret the adage All’s fair in love and war. Jack’s seen enough of both to know that they are cruel. That said, he is himself neither cruel nor entirely as fickle as he often seems. Though his moral compass is extremely adjustable, he stays true to his companions in the ways that (he feels) really matter.

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Jack Harkness [3/3]
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Powers: Able to out-charm Don Juan and Cassanova (the evidence of this has, regrettably, been expunged from recorded history), Jack can talk his way out of anything short of a black hole. He gets by with a little help from his 51st-century genetics – like his fellow future humans, he possesses highly evolved pheromones which give him a naturally pleasing odor and make him ineffably attractive to others.

He is familiar with a wide array of technologies, past and present, which makes him an accomplished handyman, especially in the way of modifying pieces of alien tech into weapons / suitable transportation.

Weaknesses: A certain measure of overconfidence unique to those who rely heavily on their magnetic personalities; not entirely unwarranted, but dangerous in the wrong situations. Otherwise, the usual perils facing any time traveler – anachronistic projectiles, for example, or political / cultural / romantic misunderstandings (often directly precluding said projectiles). His attention is easily diverted by any man, woman, man-woman, alien gender, or whatever, with an appealing physique and flirtation skills to match. Oh, and each & every point in conversation (especially with the Doctor) left open for snark is a precious and unique snowflake one simply must not let slip away, no matter the consequences of breaching decorum at the given moment.

Journal Sample: [Voice, naturally]
Yeeeeee-up. [Sound of air being slowly drawn in through someone’s nostrils] It’s a good day. Granted, technically it’s been negative-bajillionty-two days since that alien bar fight this morning, but hey who’s counting.

Kudos to you, Gotham City, for showing a guy a good time on our first date. Fancy ride, a pretty if somewhat morose companion – it’s like I never left, eh Doc?

RP Sample: “Hey, buddies, fellas…can’t we talk about this?”

The three who had him cornered raised their claws and gurgle-snarled from somewhere in the lower reaches of their silly-straw necks. That would be a no, then.

Well, thought Jack wryly, that’s the last time I come to this bar…

The leftmost Raxicoricophallipatorian lunged for him. Jack ducked and grabbed one of its hands, using its own momentum to thrust the spear-like claws deep into the wall. That’s one out of the way for—
THWACK!! That would be one of the others, backhanding his skull. My, what big hands they have.

There was an explosion of splotchy lights, and pain, and then an even brighter light that cast a pale-blue glow over the puke-green skins of his assailants. Trying to shake off the blow, Jack glanced to the wall that had previously been cutting off his escape-stage-right. Now it seemed there was a big glowy-portal-thing leading right to where he wanted to be: not-here. He flashed a grin and curtsied to his attackers, then leapt into the wall, hoping against hope that this wasn’t a hallucination brought on by blunt force trauma.
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