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Batman: The Brave and the Bold ∞ Batman/Bruce Wayne

Player Info
Name: Tam
LJ/IJ/other: [Bad username: ”tmartian42”]
Contact Info: AIM: tmartian42
email: tmartian42@yahoo.com

Character Info
Fandom: Batman: The Brave and the Bold
Version: Original
Name: Batman/Bruce Wayne
Age: Adult
City of Residence: Gotham (for now, I doubt he’ll stick around if DCAU!Batman is also currently in Gotham)
Background: Batman: The Brave and the Bold takes place on Earth 23.

Batman’s childhood bat-related trauma has been alluded to but not shown. On Christmas, spoiled little Bruce Wayne, disappointed he didn’t receive the action figure he was expecting for Christmas, is on his way back from seeing the Mark of Zorro with his parents when they are shot in an alley. His is then raised by his butler, Alfred. Eventually, he becomes Batman, being mentored and trained by Wildcat and Bronze Tiger. He adopts Dick Grayson and makes him his sidekick Robin. All grown up and wearing pants (well, tights) Dick is now living in Bludhaven. Their relationship is a little strained due to Robin wanting independence and Batman thinking of him as a sidekick and a kid, but they’re working on getting along and occasionally team up.

Ted Kord and Batman were pretty good friends and worked well together. Sadly, Ted had to sacrifice himself to save the world from evil robots. This is how Jaime ends up the Scarab, and perhaps part of the reason Batman has chosen to mentor Jaime, though he seems to like taking a mentor role, considering he convinced Plastic Man to give up a life of crime and has been looking out for him. Batman also spends a lot of time with Green Arrow, with whom he has a friendly rivalry, and Aquaman, who gets on his nerves a bit, but whom he definitely cares about. He also teams up with many other superheroes. He doesn’t get along so well with Guy Gardner, whom he’s onepunched, and Booster Gold.

He’s gone into space, gone into the past, gone into the future, fought underwater, gone to parallel earths, pulled Excalibur from the stone (Ollie helped). Basically, been there, done that, kicked ass. Arriving in Earth 12 will not faze him one bit.

Personality: This Batman is much more of a Wham! Pow! action hero than a shadowy threat lurking in the corners of Gotham. He is committed to justice and crime-fighting above all else. But even though he takes his job very seriously and functions as straight man to the other more humorous characters, he does have a dry wit and actually cracks the occasional joke. His parents’ deaths continue to affect him, but he’s not particularly traumatized—in fact he often seems to be one of the saner characters. He doesn’t like to come in second, and pretty much always tells his junior partner (whether Robin, Jaime, or another) to deal with the henchmen while he deals with the big boss. He also likes to show of his knowledge and investigative skills, even when whoever he’s with was just about to figure it out or already did when he wasn’t listening. He’s a bit set in his ways, and not one for sentiment, but he eventually gets it, whether “it” is Christmas Spirit or Robin’s need to fight his own battles. He cares about his friends, and has rather more of them then you’d expect for Bats, he just won’t be overly demonstrative. Also, the ladies love him.

Powers: He’s Batman.

He’s badass normal. Extremely good fighting skill, extremely intelligent, knows everything. Creates gadgets from batarangs to batlasers, and has a batmobile that can transform into a motorcycle and a mecha.

Weaknesses: Even Batman can get taken down occasionally. He’s human.

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Journal Sample: [Private] I seem to have traveled to an alternate earth again. Not one I’ve visited before, but no one thinks I’m evil, which is a good thing. Still, I must remember to take nothing for granted. Ted is alive here. I have to keep reminding myself that he’s not the friend I had, but an entirely different person. Easy enough to remember when he’s spending time with that Booster Gold.

Things might be difficult for a while without access to my usual resources, but I will tirelessly work for justice and will prevail over this minor setback.[/Private]

So. I’m Batman. Not the local one, but I too am devoted to fighting crime and am open to working with those of you who are familiar with this world. Even other versions of myself. I’ve done it before. I’d appreciate if the superheroes here would get in contact.

Also, can someone please explain why there are so many Robins?

RP Sample: "All right, Beetle, you take out the fire-breathing jack-in-the-boxes, and I’ll go after the Joker."

Batman didn’t bother checking to see if his order was obeyed. Jaime was maturing into a dependable young hero, at least as long as he wasn’t being distracted by an attractive woman in tights. Yeah, Jaime was definitely not allowed to come along on team-ups with Huntress anymore. Teenagers. At least they grew up.

For a moment, Batman contemplated Robin, grown up and off 'being his own man.' A choice he understood, and even respected, but still. He did miss the kid. He shook it off. There was crime to fight, and the Joker, despite his customary style, wasn’t playing around.

"Oh, Batsie, I have a present for you," cackled the Joker, tossing wrapped box which burst to reveal and extra large jack-in-the-box. Batman dodged easily, inwardly sighing as he flung a batarang at the Joker.

It was strange to be fighting the Joker now, ever since his visit to the morality-reversed parallel world and his team-up with Red Hood, the good version of the Joker. Strange how two versions one man, exposed to the same events, could take such different paths.

The fight continued. He focused on that. "I’m sending you back to Arkham, Joker."

"Yes, yes, yes. Same old same old. But of course, I’m not complaining. You’re the hero, I’m the villain, all’s right with the world. Well. Maybe not that," said the Joker, glancing away and sounding almost contemplative.

Batman turned to look, and that was the moment at which the giant glowing portal swallowed him.
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