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Player Info
Name: Ri
LJ/IJ/other: marika_ikeda
Contact Info: Sasuketeme, marika.ikeda@gmail.com

Character Info
Fandom: Bleach
Version: Original mangaverse
Name: Aizen Sosuke
Age: .........the world may never know.
City of Residence: He's shackin' it up in ol' El Paso.

Background: The past of the man known as Aizen Sosuke is one bathed in the blood of others and wrapped in a cocoon of scheming and deception. While the majority of his past is a mystery, what little is known is that he was the Lieutenant of 5th Division Captain of Soul Society's Gotei 13, Shinji Hirako. Even then, Aizen was quiet and mysterious but didn't do much to draw attention to himself, preferring to sit back and let events unfold. To those around him, he was not very good at escaping his Captain's detection and often played the role of bystander instead of active participant.

Unbeknownst to everyone, however, Aizen had been planning to tear down everything Soul Society was built upon and stand triumphant amongst the ruins. His master plan had yet to be revealed, but every piece was in place and the pawns were moving exactly as he had planned. By pointing accusations of illegal Hollowfication experimentation on other Shinigami at Urahara Kisuke, the new 12th Division Captain who was exiled for his 'crime', Aizen drew any and all chance of suspicion away from himself.

Many, many years later, Aizen was named Captain of the 5th Division and chose three new graduates for his Division. Of the three, One was kept on and became his Lieutenant while another was given to the 3rd Division's Ichimaru Gin, an ally of Aizen's. The third was dismissed to another squad due to his feisty personality. Aizen's choice for Lieutenant, Hinamori, was immensely loyal to him and looked up to him like a father figure and friend... and thus began the largest, most detailed part of his grand scheme.

When Kuchiki Rukia, a Shinigami accused of giving her powers to a mortal, was brought back to Soul Society to face judgment and sentenced to public execution, things began to heat up as the mortal who had received her powers arrived in Soul Society with friends, courtesy of Urahara's aid, to rescue her. During the chaos that ensued, Aizen wrote Hinamori a letter that would be delivered to her later. Inside, it stated that he feared for his life and that if something happened to him, the one responsible was none other than the 10th Division Captain and her childhood friend, Hitsugaya Toushiro. The following morning, Aizen's body was discovered by Hinamori - he had been run through and pinned to one of the buildings by his own zanpakuto.

What followed that discovery had been orchestrated perfectly. Hinamori accused Hitsugaya who accused Gin which led to a dissention among the Gotei 13.

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As the date of Rukia's execution drew nearer, Hitsugaya began to suspect something was odd about the situation and sought out the advice of Central 46, the governing body of Soul Society. When he arrived, what he found was the remains of a massacre: everyone of Central 46 had been murdered. The scene was several days old as the blood was already dried and flaking, which meant that someone had been pulling the strings and giving orders from within the compound. His suspicions were proven correct with the appearance of a man presumed dead.

Aizen revealed that not only had he faked his own death with the aid of his zanpakuto's ability to create powerful illusions and , but he had killed all of Central 46 and, together with his allies, Ichimaru Gin and the 9th Division's Tousen Kaname, had taken turns giving orders. To further illustrate his point that what becomes of others is no concern to him, he nearly kills Hinamori and severely wounds Hitsugaya before leaving to take that which was his target all along, the Hougyoku that had been hidden inside Rukia's body by Urahara.

When Tousen brought Renji, who was trying to escape with Rukia, before him, Aizen further revealed his plans by extracting the Hougyoku from Rukia. A powerful catalyst, the Hougyoku was a device capable of breaking down the boundaries of the soul and creating a hybrid that was capable of surpassing the abilities of a Shinigami by tapping into the vast resources that were held by Hollows, which were souls that preyed upon and devoured other souls. After informing them of this, he ordered Gin to kill Rukia... which failed... and his attempt to leave was thwarted by the arrival of the rest of the Gotei 13.

Despite this, they were unable to take him into custody as a rift in the sky opened up to reveal several Menos Grande class Hollows. While the others stood in shock, the Menos used their tractor beam Negación to transport Aizen, Gin, and Tousen to the Mothership Hueco Mundo. While he's ascending to Hueco Mundo, Aizen tells them of his goal: to "stand in the heavens and end the unbearable vacancy on the world's throne".

After arriving in Hueco Mundo, Aizen took up the position as leader and created an army of Hollow/Shinigami hybrids called Arrancar to aid in the overthrow of Soul Society. He did little as far as action is concerned, but dictated orders to his Espada (the top-ranking Arrancar), captured a human girl who had FAAAAABULOUS GODMODDING POWERS, and plotted to take Karakura Town in order to awaken the Hougyoku's power and create the Royal Key so he can take over the throne and rule Soul Society.

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While attempting to get to Karakura, though, his wires got crossed and he found himself in a town that was anything BUT Karakura. This is the reason why you don't allow a blind man who left his massive seeing-eye dog behind when he defected to lead you around. Without any way to return to Hueco Mundo or get to Karakura, Aizen was forced to explore his new surroundings. What he learned was that he was in a world that wasn't tied to either of the two he knew of and that it was desperately in need of someone to rule it with an iron fist. There was just one small problem: nobody would bow to a leader they couldn't see or hear.

That issue gave him his first order of business, which was locate a usable body. After much searching, he found one which suited him quite nicely as its original owner had vacated it only an hour or so earlier in the privacy of his own home from a heart attack. A little bit of research later and Aizen not only had himself an alter ego but a place from which to work and plan how best to make his goal of standing at top of a world a reality. From that point on, he would come to be known as Sosuke Aizen, a kind, caring man of Japanese-Mexican descent who was preparing to open his own Mexican restaurant... which was promptly renamed from "The Happy Taco" to "The Happy Taco of Las Noches".

Personality: Aizen is ambitious, relentless, incredibly patient and insanely manipulative. He'll gladly be your 'friend' yet all the while he's plotting ways to either use you or off you and he'll twist it and warp it so the finger never points back at him unless he lets it. This man isn't someone you want to get close to, but because he's had several decades of pretense under his belt, he's quite good at appearing to be caring, kind and will gladly take someone under his wing... and keep them there if they can be of use to him or are easily manipulated, and even then, he doesn't care one bit about them, often toying with his underlings and easily dispatching those who get in his way. He isn't a man to be trusted, but he presents himself in a way that people can't help but confide in or feel comfortable around him. He's quite polite for one who intends to set himself up as a god, though, and is very intellectual and soft-spoken despite having no genuine kindness or honor. In short, he is anything but the compassionate man others presume him to be. As for the sort of schemes his mind concocts, they're typically long, drawn out, and composed of many little pieces that make no sense until they're seen in terms of the whole (which is usually when he's explaining them).

Expect him to be friendly and kind to people. Expect him to act like he's just your typical guy-next-door. Expect him to lend a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, a warm smile, and a comforting word. Expect him to do what he can to put people at ease...

... then watch him to do a complete 180 and betray your trust.

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Powers: [metahuman (IE superhuman) powers, if applicable] The majority of Aizen's most notable abilities lie not in his spiritual powers but in his intellectual prowess, which is his weapon of choice, and he'd sooner outsmart an opponent than attack them. That said, Aizen's spiritual abilities are as follows:

* Kido: One of the four basic arts of combat for a Shinigami, Aizen is well-versed in the use of Kido which is the focusing of one's spiritual energy into a spell. While the spells have an incantation, it isn't necessary to use it, though reciting it makes the spell stronger than it would be without the incantation. These spells range in difficulty from 1 to 99 with 99 being the most difficult, and are split into three categories. Because there are so many, I'm not listing them all, but the spells, their effects, and any known incantations can be found here

* Enhanced Strength: Size alone doesn't denote strength where Shinigami are concerned, and Aizen is proof of that. What does denote strength, however, is one's skill in controlling their own spirit energy and using it in conjunction with their natural physical strength to enhance it. This is pretty much second nature to a trained Shinigami. Aizen's strength was enough to stop a Bankai with one finger, stop a Shikai with his bare hand, and stop a Captain who physically towers over him with just one hand.

* Immense Spiritual Pressure: This is basically the amount of spirit energy one has. Aizen's spirit energy is shown to monstrously overwhelming and is presumed to be even greater than any of the current members of the Gotei 13.

* Shunpo Master: Shunpo (flash step) is fast movement that can't be detected by an untrained eye. To the casual observer, it appears more like teleportation than actual movement. It's pretty much summarized as incredible speed in as few steps as possible by solidifying the spirit energy in the air to give traction. It's also presumed to be the reason for why Shinigami can stand in mid-air.

* Kyōka Suigetsu: Aizen's Zanpakuto. A water-type zanpakuto, Kyōka Suigetsu has the ability to place anyone who sees its release under 'absolute hypnosis' which is unbreakable whether the hypnotized person knows they've been hypnotized or not, and is most likely long-lasting, not permanent. The only way to avoid it is to not see the release... or be blind. The sword is able to generate powerful but imperfect illusions, from decoys of himself and others to other types of illusions.

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Aizen's basic skills are:

* Intellect: He is incredibly intelligent, very perceptive, and usually several steps ahead of the game which makes him not only a formidable but fearsome opponent.

* Manipulation: Crafty, cunning, and deceitful, he excels in analyzing and observing which allows him to better understand an individual and devise ways with which to bend them to his will.

* Strategist/Tactician: His long plans are thought out down to minute details and should something not go to plan, there's always a backup option. The wheels in his head are always turning... but which way they're going is known to only him. He will use anything at his disposal to carry out his plans and adapts easily and effortlessly to whatever the situation demands.

* Combat: Both hand-to-hand and swordsmanship are specialties of Aizen's. He's reached his full potential in physical combat, but it remains unknown just what that potential spans.

Weaknesses: [again, metahuman (IE kryptonite, magic, the color yellow, etc), if applicable] Not really a weakness, but definitely something that could cause a problem for him is the fact that in order to actually use any of his spiritual abilities, Aizen cannot be inhabiting a human body. Spiritual skills and the zanpakuto only work when he's in his Shinigami form. The drawback to this is that when he's not inhabiting a body, Aizen is essentially invisible unless the other is attuned to spiritual energy/life force/whatever you want to call it.

It should also be noted that Aizen is not immortal, but like all Shinigami, it takes a significant amount of damage to kill him. Vital spots are still vital and mortal wounds are still mortal wounds, however injuries that would cause a regular human to falter or collapse may not get the same effect on a Shinigami. To quote Optimus Prime, he's "made of sterner stuff".

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Journal Sample:
All attempts at opening the Garganta have been futile. I suppose this means my plans will have to be placed on hold for the moment as I lack a means of departure at this time. I don't sense the presence of any Shinigami in this general vicinity, however there aren't any Arrancar either, which means this world is sorely lacking.

Note: Never again allow Tousen to lead through the Garganta, no matter how many times he asks. The man can't see. Or maybe he just needs a seeing-eye dog? It's doubtful, however, that a lower-class Hollow could be easily subdued for such a task without it attempting to eat him.

How do humans stand to live in such filth? The air is stagnant and polluted, the water is downright disgusting, the humidity and heat are oppressive, crime is rampant, and the general populace prefers to turn a blind eye and cower behind so-called "superheroes". But perhaps... no, that would be far too easy to accomplish. Then again, if I am incapable of standing atop the heavens, I fear this disgusting cesspool of a human world will have to do.

I'm afraid I'll be forced to delay the grand opening of my restaurant. The uniforms I received just will not do! Did they even look at the designs I sent? I suppose the opening will have to be placed on hold until I'm able to find someone capable of creating new ones to my specifications. Such a shame... and I was so excited about this, too.

RP Sample:
The contents of the box were a disappointment. Who in their right mind would order uniforms that looked like some sort of colorful carpet with a hole in the middle? How did one even put that on? Aizen wrinkled his nose in obvious disgust. The man who's body he was inhabiting had absolutely horrific taste! This would have to be remedied immediately because there was no way the Shinigami was going to use that place as a base of operations if he was required to dress like a rug.

Picking up a pencil and grabbing the nearest notebook, he took a seat on the floor and began sketching up 'new' designs for those in his employ... and what could be better for that than outfits similar to those worn by his Espada? All that would be needed was someone to build them and he'd be well on his way to setting the stage for his plans.
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