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Buffy the Vampire Slayer ∞ Buffy Summers

Player Info
LJ/IJ/other: linen_tartaruga
Contact Info: FullMetal FLIK/rorouni_iti@yahoo.com

Character Info
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (series)
Version: Original version
Name: Buffy Anne Summers
Age: 17
City of Residence: Jump City

Background: In every generation there is a Chosen One. One girl in all the world. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness blah blah blah. We all know the story. Fate. Destiny. Prophecy. Whatever you want to call it. And in all these these stories? There’s always some old guy from way back in time when they still thought that bathing too much would kill you that decided that he was gonna screw around with the life of some poor schmuck that he wouldn’t even be around to see born.

Buffy didn’t know who that guy was, but she did know Merrick, the guy that decided to totally ruin her life by telling her all of this prophecy stuff. See, before Merrick came along, Buffy was just a normal teenage girl -- popular, a cheerleader, she even had a boyfriend. A boyfriend she could see in the daylight! Okay so her parents were having some issues and any excuse to get out of the house to get away from the fighting was a good one, but everything else was just great! Until Merrick came along, did that creepy thing where he knew about the weird dreams she’d been having, and took her out to the graveyard to watch him kill a vampire. That’s right, a real living and breat- . . . Okay, not quite so living and breathing, but still pretty damn real! And, according to Merrick, she was the Chosen One, the Slayer, destined to kill all the vampires or something.

As you can imagine, missing cheerleading practice to go train with some creepy old guy and staying up late at night to go skulking around graveyards with the same creepy old guy did wonders for Buffy’s social life. Her friends alienated her, her boyfriend broke up with her (well technically he broke up with her answering machine), and best of all? She now had this Big Bad Vampire to deal with, Lothos, the self-proclaimed Vampire King who liked to brag about how many Vampire Slayers he’d supposedly killed. Well, he vamped a whole bunch of her classmates, killed Merrick, and then? He crashed the school dance. Luckily her soon-to-be new squeeze, Pike, was there to help her get all the still-living dance-goers out of the school gym, all the vampires in, and then they torched the place. Happy ending, right?

Oh no, see, the school principal, not quite buying the “But a horde of vampires was attacking the school dance to kill a cheerleader!” story, decided that the only way to deal with the seemingly delinquent-turned Buffy Summers was expulsion. After that, things sort of went downhill. More downhill. You know, you wouldn’t think you’d be able to get more downhill when you’re that close to the bottom of the hill.

Anyway, there was a week-long jaunt to Las Vegas with Pike to take out a casino full of vampires, after which Pike broke up with her under the believe that Buffy would get killed trying to protect him. Then there was the two-week long stay in a mental institution when she came back to Los Angeles to find her mother had read her diary (including all those parts about being the Slayer) which ended with her finally getting released when Buffy learned to stop telling everyone that she was a Vampire Slayer. After that, finally came the big divorce and Buffy and her mother moved to Sunnydale, home of the only public school that would take her with her juvenile delinquency record.

Sunnydale was a completely different breed from L.A. For one thing it was small. One Starbucks small. For another thing, they already had a Most Popular Girl in School, Cordelia Chase, and, though she was more than happy to befriend Buffy when she found out that she was from L.A., Cordelia changed her tune pretty quickly when she found out that Buffy was actually willing to be seen in public speaking to social outcasts Willow Rosenburg and Xander Harris. Oh yeah, and there was also the whole thing about how Sunnydale rested on top of a Hellmouth which made it the super cool hotspot for vampires, demons, and other Big Bad Evils that were looking for a good time.

Despite a few snags, though, Buffy eventually hooked up with her new Watcher, Giles, accidentally let Willow and Xander in on her little secret, and went on her merry little way kicking vampire and demon butt. Simple, right? Okay, not quite. See, first there was this guy, Angel, who helped Buffy out with her whole Slaying thing and she maybe kind of sort of fell for him a little. And he maybe kind of sort of turned out to be a vampire. Only he wasn’t an evil vampire! Nope, he was a vampire with a soul thanks to some ancient gypsy curse or something, Buffy didn’t quite know all of the details. But, then again, neither did he. Yet anyway. Oh, and then? There was this Master guy. Kind of like Lothos except stronger, older, and way uglier. He was supposed to rise from where he’d been sealed underground and, as another one of those pesky little prophecies went, kill the Slayer when she went to face him.

Well, hearing that, Buffy originally decided to quit, but eventually realized that someone’s gotta save the world and she was the only one that could do it. So she went to face the Master. And was killed. Luckily, though, Angel and Xander had gone down to help her and Xander was able to CPR her back to life so she could go pay the Master back and kill him. After doing that and (mostly) surviving her first year at Sunnydale High, she went to spend the summer with her dad in L.A.

When she came back she was not quite the Buffy everyone fell in love with, having yet to deal with her own mortality and the fact that she’d been killed. Once she got over that, though, it was back to business as usual with evil robotic step-fathers, a new school principal that had it in for her, mummies, fish mutants, werewolves, and cursed Halloween costumes. Not to mention Buffy’s seventeenth birthday, on which she gave up her virginity to Angel which accidentally broke the gypsy curse relieving him of his soul and unleashing the horror of Angelus on Sunnydale where he wreaked havoc, tormenting Buffy and her family and friends, killing Giles’ love interest Jenny Calendar, and trying to send the world to Hell (literally). It was that series of events that led to Buffy joining forces with Spike, one of the vampires Angelus had sired, revealing herself as the Slayer to her mother, getting kicked out of the house, expelled, once again, from school, and being forced to kill Angel, the love of her life, despite the fact that Willow was able to restore his soul.

Buffy didn’t spend that summer in Sunnydale either. Only this time she didn’t intend to come back. Nope, as far as Buffy could tell, she had nothing left to come back to; so she hopped on a bus and just rode it off into the sunset. Well, the sunrise, actually. But you get the idea.

Normally, Buffy’s a smart-aleck teenager, due in no small part to her Valley Girl upbringing in L.A. She takes her calling as the Slayer as seriously as she thinks she has to, which usually isn’t very serious at all until the end of the world comes up. She’s always making flippant remarks about whatever vampire uprising is going on -- and there’s always one going on -- and tends toward mini-rebellion when a patrol night gets in the way of her social calendar. But when things do start to get serious, she’s always right there ready to figure out how to save the day once again. She’s more of a hands-on girl than a research girl, though. She usually leaves the research to the people that are actually good at it while she goes out and kicks ass, occasionally just using it as an excuse to work out her frustrations or just get away from whatever messed up thing is going on in her life.

Usually that involves a boy. See, Buffy doesn’t necessarily fall easily, per se, but she does tend to fall hard. And always for the wrong kind of guy (her score card will eventually read future psycho, Valley Boy jerk, vampire, frat boy jerk, lying soldier boy with an inferiority complex, vampire). After the last bad breakup (understatement?), though, she’s not particularly looking for love. In fact, after having to kill what she really thought was the love of her life? Buffy’s not really looking for anything at all, except an escape from her life in Sunnydale -- her friends who she feels she let down, her family who she feels she let down, school which she’s just sick of screwing up, and vampire slaying which she’s sick of having to watch people she cares about dying because of it. To say that she’s pretty disillusioned with life in general and her destiny as the Vampire Slayer is putting it a little mildly.

Buffy’s always been pretty resilient, though. She is teenager, after all, so these instances of self-pitying angst and brooding are pretty much par for the course, it’s just that she tends to have a more valid reason for it than your average teenager. Which she still wishes she was and does try, on occasion, to be. But then again, how many average teenage girls do you know that count a wooden stake, cross, and holy water as essential as tampons and lipgloss?

. . . TMI?

Powers: Oh, the usual -- super-strength, super-reflexes, the ability to leap tall fences in a single bound. She doesn’t really bruise easily, which is good when you consider she’s out every night fighting super-powered, undead, blood-sucking demon-spawn. What would people think? She also has these prophetic dreams. You know the kind -- random, a little disjointed, where the only real important part is all done in symbolism that you can’t figure out until it’s already come to pass and, when you look back on it, is actually pretty heavy-handed. Say, for example, dreaming your vampire-with-a-soul boyfriend was staked right in front of you by his old victim-turned-siree/lover and a few days later actually accidentally relieving him of his soul reverting him back into his old evil self and finding out he joined forces with his old victim-turned-siree/lover. You know, that kind of thing.
Weaknesses: Well she is still human, despite all the pomp and circumstance, so whatever can take down a regular old human can take Buffy down too. Okay, it might take a little extra effort. She can still get sick, though. And bitten by vampires. And killed by dimension-collapsing vortexes sorry that one hasn’t happened. Yet.
Journal Sample:
Well this is just great. You know, when I said that I wanted to “get away from it all”? Yeah, I didn’t mean to another dimenion! That is what this place is, right? At least that’s what they keep telling me, and why not? That makes just as much sense as everything else in my life.

And what is up with this place? I mean seriously, Jump City? What kind of a name is that? I mean sure, at least it doesn’t sound like some third-rate retirement home but come on, who thought that was a good idea? Don’t even get me started . There’s a building in the bay shaped like a big T -- which I’m pretty sure defies some kind of law of gravity -- and apparently there’s some superhero squadron or something complete with tacky spandex outfits living there. Either that or the local law enforcement’s really gotta check what they’re putting in those donuts. I mean, is this place really for real? Or did the bus just run off the road or something and this is all just a coma-induced hallucination?

God this is just my luck.

RP Sample:
It wasn’t really typical for Buffy to be asleep before midnight, let alone before the sun had even set for the day, but it was amazing how sleepy just riding a bus for hours on end could make you, staring at the flat, unremarkable scenery sliding past the big tinted windows -- desert, telephone pole, desert, telephone pole, desert, pole, desert pole, tumbleweed -- almost like the background scenery from a Scooby Doo chase scene. And with such engaging scenery to watch, it was no wonder that Buffy found her mind wandering, remembering the past few weeks, how her life had just fallen to pieces around her and no amount of super strength could hold it up. Not after her birthday. Or maybe she was wrong. Maybe the point of no return hadn’t been her ill-fated birthday, but the moment that Merrick had first walked into her life, shouldering her with a responsibility that most fifteen year olds would be crushed under. So was it any wonder, Buffy asked herself, that she couldn’t hold up under the weight? Her friends, her family, her love, her life -- all of it was gone. At just seventeen years old she’d hit rock bottom. The Watchers and all of their fancy prophecies liked to talk about fate a lot and, well, the Vampire Slaying gig tended to have the life expectancy of about twenty years, if that. So this? Yeah, maybe it was inevitable. This was Buffy’s fate.

No wonder all of the other Slayers hadn’t been allowed to have lives of their own.

The only respite Buffy had from these thoughts and memories was the forgetfulness of sleep, so once the bus headed out after a brief lunch stop, she gave into her heavy eyelids and didn’t wake up again for another few hours. She would probably have slept later, only, well, something was wrong. The first thing she noticed was the buzz of worried conversation around her growing louder and she finally opened her eyes when the bus started jerking just in time to see a bright light envelop the entire bus as the other passengers began screaming. The jerking stopped and, eventually, the light started to as well. And as Buffy’s eyes tried to adjust to see out the windows, all she could think was, Great. My first official day as the not-Slayer and my bus gets abducted by aliens.
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