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Death Note ∞ Light Yagami

Player Info
Name: Kaori
LJ/IJ/other: [info]kaorisiberian18
Contact Info:
AIM: KaoriSiberian
EMAIL: notsosneakytouta@gmail.com

Character Info
Fandom: Death Note
Version: Original
Name: Light Yagami
Age: 23
City of Residence: Metropolis

A murderer always meets his end with death. Any other criminals meet their ends with death. Death Note, a notebook in which only you need a name and face to kill anyone, it was almost like one of those annoying chain letters. Why would anyone believe such a thing could happen?

Light didn’t believe in it until he used it on a criminal in a hostage situation. He wasn’t just going to use it on just anyone, he didn’t believe in it. As soon as the death happened, however that’s when the joke became real. Something as good as this just couldn’t be put to waste he had an ideal world, a new world, a world in which he would be the new God. How it would happen? Every criminal will be written in the Death Note and die of a heart attack. That would be the justice upon this rotten world and no one out there had the guts to do it.

Until a genius detective by the name of L stepped into the game. It became a game of cat and mouse. Who will get who in the end. At the end of it all, Kira, had triumphed and defeated L. in which would bring him to take the place of L, until someone else came to take over in finding out who Kira is.

For a long time, Light had thought he would actually win until he was put to the test with N, Near. Light didn’t realize his own mistakes because who would ever suspect one of his followers. He would meet up with Near in the warehouse for one final showdown. What Light didn’t know was that he was already beat at his own game. Light was quick to step into victory calling out that he already won. When in fact that the actual Death Note was a fake and Near had the original one. Light tried to cover it up that Near was Kira but everyone knew that Light was and there was nothing he could do about it.

What they didn’t know was that Light had a secret hiding place for a small piece of the Death Note hidden in his watch. As he got it out and tried to write Near’s name in it Matsuda shot his hand stopping Light in the process. Matsuda had then questioned Light about Chief Yagami and why he had to die. Light simply replied back saying that every fool got their end. Enraged Matsuda shoot him a couple more times and almost got him at the end until he was pulled back by the others in the investigation team. Light had pleas to the rest of his followers knowing that he would die. He looked upon Ryuk asking him to write down Near’s name. Ryuk would have none of it and reminded Light of what he once told him in the very beginning. He was on no one’s side and that someday he would be writing in Light’s name in his Death Note. Ryuk does just that writing Light’s name in the Death Note making him die of what he made everyone else die. That day Light Yagami, Kira, died of a heart attack.

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An ace student, a smart individual that would let everyone and anyone know it. He is the manipulator breaking everyone on the inside and working his way out. Being the good boyfriend when in truth he is only using them to get what he wants. He hates to lose and he isn’t afraid to use tactics and strategy to make sure he doesn’t. Light above all likes justice and will judge those that are damned the way he sees it to be done. Those that are punishable by death will get just that.


He doesn’t have any kind of power. Besides that he is a very good talker and manipulator with his fake promises. Light also gives out his boyish charms to win over people. Along with being smart, he has a great power that landed into his hands. However, that notebook won’t be landing on this world and he’d only show up with a piece of the Death Note which will be hidden within his silver watch.


No one is perfect, even plans that should go to according to plan don’t always end up that way. Light in particular hates to lose and will do anything he can to win, however, since he is quick at thinking there are things he overlooks. At the beginning of the game, he seems to leave loop holes in his plans. That even will give people evidence against him if they look close enough to the actual truth. He doesn’t like surprises and he gets overwhelmed at times when people are close on his trail.

Overall, he is like any other person. He makes mistakes, it’s just about how he goes about them to fix it.

Journal Sample:


This was certainly unexpected. It looks like luck is on my side. With this wound it is making it very hard to do anything.

Is there anyone that would be able to give me directions to the nearest hospital?

I’m currently in a city called Metropolis. In front of a building called The Daily Planet. It would be much appreciated.

RP Sample:

A crazed chuckle could be heard through out the empty halls. Almost as if something had gone deeply wrong, in fact something did go wrong. The man standing in the now empty hallway had been clutching at his hand while also patting himself down with his non hurt hand. He was sure he had heard the gunshots fired at him but now he was here with only one wound to get treated. After that everything became silent and he was here in this hallway. Some luck he had but at the same time he knew that he lost. Got shot by someone completely unexpected. That idiot. That fool.

The man mused at that thought for a while as he looked down at his bloodied hand wondering if he’ll be able to use it in the same way again. Light clutched at it tightly trying to stop the blood that way while not wanting to use a part of his clothing. At least none of the other shots hit him. He would be in a really bad position if he had gotten shot anymore. The only question that was on his mind was why he was here. What was so important that he would be dragged mere minutes away from his own pending doom. Light knew he lost but this was just rich. Someone who killed criminals for justice was brought to a world to start a new again. Unlikely, but it could happen since he had nothing to lose. He probably wouldn’t have anything to gain either. Now he just had to find his own way around here. Maybe he just might bump into someone useful.
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