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Air Gear ∞ DCAU!Ringo Noyamano

Player Info
Name: Flik
LJ/IJ/other: linen_tartaruga
Contact Info: FullMetal FLIK / rorouni_iti@yahoo.com

Character Info
Fandom: Air Gear
Version: DCAU
Name: Ringo Noyamano
Age: 22
City of Residence: Steel City (going to school in Gotham City)

Background: Summary of Ringo’s canon backstory and current role in the series here</a>. WARNING: THE PICTURE ON THAT PAGE IS JUST A LITTLE NSFW.

It’s surprising, to most, what lengths some people will go to for their fifteen minutes of fame.

Ringo was one of a group of children bred by Cadmus Labs for a project funded by Maxwell Lord that would eventually unleash the Ultimen on the world. The generation that Ringo was born into and all of the previous generations were considered failures, not up to the immense task of saving the world. With the risk of the secret project being discovered, however, Maxwell known to those kids that could speak as Uncle Maxy thanks to the head scientists) decided it would be best to get rid of the evidence and so the rejected children were sent out to foster homes.

That was how Ringo and two of her “sisters” from the experiments ended up living with the Noyamanos and their eldest daughter, Rika. Ringo enjoyed it there and the newly found sense of family, especially when a boy her age named Ikki also came to live with them. The two of them grew close and the five of them grew even closer after both of Rika’s parents died, leaving her in charge of raising the rest of them alone. Most of the money they lived on came from Rika’s stint with the local professional roller derby team the Steel City Gravity Kidz. That lasted for several years before they were forced to disband and Rika took up wrestling instead.

The wrestling brought in more money than the roller derby had, but it also meant that she was away from home a lot more, which left Ringo (not the oldest but the most responsible) mostly in charge of the household. It also meant that, when Rika’s former teammate and co-founder of the Gravity Kidz, came over for a visit, Rika wasn’t there to stop him from recruiting Ringo and her sisters to the new team that he was starting.

Ringo was sixteen when she joined the Steel City Gravity Girlz, an all-female, all-meta team. There was only one real problem: According to the National Roller Derby League Association’s (NRDLA) official rules, metas were prohibited from participating under the same principal that prohibits steroid use -- the unfair advantage. That was why the “all-meta” part of the team description was kept a secret to anyone outside the team. It didn’t take long for Ringo to find out that the reason the Gravity Kidz had disbanded was because a few of the members had finally decided that they didn’t want to cheat anymore. She wasn’t too eager to do the same either, but it was decent money and Rika’s wrestling money had them just barely getting by.

The Gravity Girlz quickly became the best league in the NRDLA with the help of its metahuman teammates. They were stronger, faster, sturdier, and more calculating than every one of their opponents, and, when a team actually threatened their spot at the top, they were ruthless. Roller Derby was already a fairly violent and occasionally even dangerous full-contact sport, but when an opposing team showed to potential enough to break the Gravity Girlz’s undefeated record, the coach had them pull out all the stops. Most, if not all, of the other team’s players would be in the hospital by the end of it, the competition was taken that seriously among them.

So seriously, in fact, that when Ringo finally decided that she’d had enough cheating and slapping people around, her sister and now-former teammate threatened her should she ever out them to the NRDLA officials. She’d had no intention of doing so, so it was an easy promise to make; she knew that, like her sisters, many of the girls on the team needed the money they made from it to get by and she just couldn’t bring herself to take that away from them. Besides, she was pretty sure that the officials would eventually catch on, no matter how careful they were.

After four long years in the roller derby, Ringo, who had long since graduated high school, decided that it was about time she went to college, now that she had the time. She received a scholarship to Gotham University and used the money she’d saved away for herself from her roller derby earnings to pay for the rest of her expenses and started working towards finding a new direction in her life.

Personality: Ringo is a strong and independent enough person that she doesn’t really need to rely on anyone else to take care of her. She knows how to take care of herself and, thanks to Rika’s example and her own experiences looking out for her other siblings, how to take care of other people as well. But she knows better than to think she can face life all on her own all the time. Her family is her support group, though she does occasionally make the mistake of realizing that she’s nowhere near perfect and, not only thinking less of herself for it, but believing her family does as well.

And she does have her fair share of angst-fodder. While she does love the sport of roller derby, that weighs heavily into her guilt over the lengths she and her team went to in order to dominate the sport. She is, in fact, a strong advocate against senseless violence and, when pushed, will throw that violence right back at people to teach them a lesson. Some of this temper, as a matter of fact, is born of her guilt over what she did in the roller derby. But when she isn’t beating the crap out of some random thug to appease the treacherous brood-monster, she does have a tendency toward self-pity, which means she’ll either try and stay away from people or she’ll do a poor attempt at covering it up.

The pity parties, however, surprisingly don’t extend to her background. As far as Ringo’s concerned, her background is what it is, there’s nothing she can do to change it, and in the end she wouldn’t really want to. But, she is pretty self-conscious about the whole meta thing, hence why she hides her eyes with the contacts. Part of it comes from knowing she can’t out herself lest the rest of the Gravity Girlz get found out too. The other part of it comes from the expectation that, once people know, she’ll be considered a freak or, maybe even worse, expected to become a superhero. But who needs that kind of pressure? Besides, as far as she’s concerned, she is not hero material.

Ringo does have a fire in her. A passion for doing the things she loves and succeeding at them. It was what got her through those last two years of high school while starting her first two years of roller derby. It was what let her ignore all of the rules (and bones) she was breaking in order to help put food on the table at home. It was what finally allowed her to quit to bring at least some sportsmanship back to the game she loved. And it was what sent her to college and landed her a prime scholarship.

Powers: Heightened durability -- not Superman/Wonder Woman levels, but she can take a good hit or two without being bruised. She also has an ability (the dynamics of which I won’t go into unless you really want to know since they’re abso-freakin’-lutely insane and retarded) that allows her to move more fluidly lending to faster and stronger movement. And last, but not least, are the eyes. Along with having cross-shaped pupils (which she hides using contact lenses), her eyes have the ability to quickly and accurately analyze her surroundings and use the data to, for example, determine, down to the second, how long it would take her to get from point A to point B and what she’d need to do to get there. It comes in handy for getting to class on time.
Weaknesses: The eye thing? Well it only works without her contact lenses in. Oh yeah, and that other ability with the fluid movement and stuff? That has a drawback too. Namely the sharp, stabbing pain that, depending on how hard she pushes herself while using it, can leave her pretty much bed-ridden for up to twelve hours. You know how it hurts when you crack your knuckles sometimes? Imagine that, only magnified about ten times and all over your body every time you move.

Journal Sample:
To Do List
Wake up
Western Civ


UGH! Finals are kicking my butt! And the Girlz are in town this week and I REALLY wanted to go see their match, but I don’t think I’ll have the time! Not unless I want to fail my psych final anyway.

Mikan, Ume, if you’re reading I’m really sorry, but I’ll make it up to you over the summer!

. . . if I manage to not fail everything and have to take summer classexvfg

[Switch to Voice]

Nooo! All over my keyboard!

[distressedmuttermuttermutter- click]

RP Sample: Well that just went to show her not to eat Easy Mac next to her laptop. Ringo whined and whimpered to herself as she tried to clean artificial cheese product off of her keyboard with a ball of cheap toilet paper that was just managing to mush it around, deep into the crevices of her laptop. Finally, with a single sob of defeat, Ringo flopped into her desk chair, shoving her glasses up and dropping her face into her hands. Why was it that everything that could go wrong had to go wrong this week?! As if she didn’t have enough on her plate already. She supposed she should just feel lucky, though, that it had just been macaroni and cheese instead of soda or something; now she just had a cheesy mess to deal with and not her computer shorting out.

Still, how was she supposed to get the sauce out of there?! What if it really did ruin her computer?! She had her English final essay saved on there, all of the notes she’d downloaded from the school network, all of her study music! Maybe she should just back it all up onto a disk, who knew what might happen to it with everything going wrong this week?!

Okay. No. This was ridiculous. She just needed to calm down. Breathe in, breathe out, relax.

And when that didn’t work, Ringo checked the time to see that she still had two and a half hours until she had to get to her calculus class and grabbed her sweatshirt. She had just enough time to grab a quick sandwich at the cafeteria and then head over to the gym.
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